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Introducing the revolutionary new locking mechanism from Bemis : STA-TITE

A breakthrough in toilet seat installation that improves mounting hardware from top to bottom.  It's a simpler, more secure system that cuts installation time by a third and prevents toilet seat loosening.  It's easier to use, too. Just tighten the lower portions of the innovative one-piece nuts. They shear when properly tightened. A finned bushing securely centres bolts in mounting holes to prevent shifting. Finally, the new design and materials create stronger clamping forces.

To find out more why not watch the promotional video's below :

Video 1 : Official Promotional Video produced by Bemis (Video will open in a new window)

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Video 2 : Installation Video produced by Home Depot (USA) (Video will open in a new window)

Please note that this video was made primarily for the US market and features the US version of the toilet seat.  The UK version differs in several ways.  This video is intended for information purposes only.

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