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Dove Grey All The Way! Dove Grey Toilet Seats On Sale Now!

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Did you know doves have been around since the Pleistocene period?  1.8 million years...I know...

It wasn't until the 60s someone decided to capitalize their lovely colour into a paint (ahhhh my old Ford....) 

Today, May 25, 2024 I have Dove Grey toilet seats on sale for £35!  Isn't history amazing?

(Full disclosure, some or all of those facts may have been made up, I just need you to click the link below if you are interested in a grey toilet seat)

The Palencia is a standard oval slow closing themoset plastic toilet seat in the classic colour of dove grey. This seat is top fitting and features quick release hinges for easy removal from the pan.

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Palencia Dove Grey Toilet Seat 100114000

  • Fits the majority of manufacturers' oval shaped pans
  • One button quick release allows the seat to be removed for easy cleaning
  • Made from Durolux - a scratch and heat resistant thermoset plastic with a ceramic-like finish
  • Slow closing seat and lid
  • "Wrap-around" style lid discreetly hides the seat
  • Top fixing to pan with adjustable stainless steel hinges (cover caps metal)
  • Suitable for close coupled, back-to-wall or wall hung toilets where access underneath the pan is not available

Seat Measurements

Length 420 - 460 mm adjusting

Width 360 mm (seat 350 mm)

Hinges 50 - 180 mm adjusting

I think we can all agree we learned something today.  As a thank you for reading the whole blog, should you want to purchase the Palencia, use promo code Dove10 for 10% off your seat today!

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