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  1. Looking for a quality branded (silent cough...Bemis) toilet seat at a quality price (silent cough...see link below)

    £10 off with Free shipping for the Bemis Arona slow close quick release top fix oval toilet seat while stocks last!

    All the bells and whistles from a company and brand you trust.  Sometimes it is that easy!

  2. Do you have a back to wall, wall hung, or close-coupled D shaped toilet where access underneath the pan is not available?  Welcome the Bemis Sanremo D shape seat with its top fix attachments:  

    A soft-closing, quick release seat with all the bells and whistles.
  3. Okay, Southgate's team may not have been "the one" to bring home the Euros cup this year (we'll chalk it up to practice for the World Cup, that's the better one anyway...) but this toilet seat is!

    The Opal ONE from Euroshowers ticks all the boxes if you are looking for a seat for a standard oval pan.

    • made from hard-wearing Duroplast 
    • soft closing seat and lid
    • one button release to pop the seat off for easy cleaning, pop it back on when done
    • antibacterial coating
    • no access to the bottom of your pan?  No problem, top fittings included
    • prefer to fit from the bottom of your pan over top fix?  Again, no problem.  Bottom no-slip fixings included
    • and it is quick and easy to fit in minutes!  

    opal one writing squareopal one (1)opal one 3


    The Opal ONE really is the one!  £20.99 for a limited time!


  4. Okay, maybe using the word "fun" was a stretch... how about convenient...

    The RTS D Shape Multi Toilet Seat incorporates an inner child seat within the adult toilet seat itself.  Magnets keep the child seat discretely attached to the inner lid so your toddler can easily access it when needed.  The adult seat can be used without anything having to be detached.  When the training months are over the inner seat can be permanently removed (and stowed for the next one if needed...)


  5. Haaaa haaaaa, see what I did there?  So many puns for this holiday it is eggs-hilarating (oh I can do this all day...)  We have some egg-ceptional deals over this weekend:

    You won't have to get up at the crack of dawn, scramble to the computer or shell-out a lot of money for egg-spress shipping! Our prices are hard to beat! (I think I've had too much egg-spresso this morning...)

    Come egg-splore what we have today!

    Screenshot 2021-04-02 09.33.33

    Why do Eskimos love to shop here?

    They need something for their egg-loos!

    Enjoy the weekend!

  6. Euroshowers new range of Polypropylene seats are in ...the twentyONE...

    PP twentyONE universal oval and PP D twentyONE d-shaped are available now:

    An affordable lightweight (approx 1.6kg) seat that is easy to install and remove.

    This value seat carries all the features you've come to know and love:

    • One-button quick release for easy removal and cleaning
    • Adjustable hinges for that perfect snug fit
    • Easy to install - affix from either the top or bottom of your pan (both fitting sets included)
    • Slow closing seat and lid

    For comparison:  polypropylene ~1.6kg ; Duroplastic ~ 2.1kg ; Bemis Wood ~2.7kg

    Bish Bash Bosh!

  7. Want to see a rainbow during the winter?  Enjoy 20% off the Euroshowers range of Rainbow coloured soft closing toilet seats.

    Red - Orange - Green - Blue and we also kept the basics:  cream - black - mushroom - grey - white

    pssssst... we've also included the new range of matt seats as well!  I know, feels like Christmas all over again!

  8. Looking for a standard oval toilet seat with a not so standard hinge?  Take a look at the RTS 240 mm Wide Hinge Oval Toilet Seat.  It's a Duroplast seat with slow closing seat and lid:

    These seats are sold with adjustable hinges to accommodate a comfortable 240mm width when measuring from the centres of the pan holes.

    240mm Wide Hinge - Duroplast - Oval - Slow Close - Adj Hinges - 1 Button Quick Release - Sorted!